Turns out the speed camera sign might not be what people though it was and they are distraught

You’ll be familiar with the speed camera sign – of course you will – and you’ll know what it’s designed to tell you. That there’s a speed camera ahead, obviously.

But what is that symbol an illustration of? Is it a speed camera? Or is it something else?

We only mention it after @FeyeraBender said this over on Twitter and it prompted quite the debate.

Victorian bellows camera, you say?

And when we say people were distraught, there were lots – and lots – of replies like this one.

And these ones.

So much so that @FeyeraBender felt moved to apologise.

But questions remained, obviously.

Well, maybe.

But some people – lots of people – just weren’t buying it.

Like this one?

Makes absolute sense. So much sense that the backlash was soon in full swing.

And guess what?

Thank goodness for that.

Source Twitter @FeyeraBender