There’s a very important life lesson to be learnt from this classic Batman clip

We never tire of watching clips from Batman, the TV series. It’s high camp, comedy and fashion, all mixed in with the drama and iconic incidental music. That’s why we wanted to share this post, uploaded to r/Unexpected by u/AnnihilationOrchid, who wrote –

‘Back when stories had simpler morals’

Back when stories had simpler morals.
by u/AnnihilationOrchid in Unexpected

“You owe your life to dental hygiene.”

Every time we watch this, a new and wonderful detail jumps out. Reddit users were here for it, too.

10 out of 10 dentists do not recommend this

Nobody could teach a good moral lesson like Adam West

Apparently a battarang attached to a rope travels faster than a man in free fall.

Can we talk about how he unties him while he’s still dangling from the roof?

Back when stories had simpler molars*

Glad he didn’t fall upside down.

Tonight’s episode brought to you by Crest!™️

This may have been corny, but I’m going to go brush my teeth now. It worked as intended.

Damn. Robin must be part pitbull.

Idk why they don’t play this scene on a loop in dentists’ offices.

u/henshinmilk recalled another important message from the Batman TV series that had stayed with them for life.

There’s an episode where they get in the Batmobile and Robin isn’t gonna buckle up because they’re just going a short distance. Batman admonishes Robin, telling him you buckle up no matter the distance, and that shit imprinted on my child brain and kicks in every time I consider not buckling up.


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