These otters had taken enough of the orangutan’s nonsense and the panic is hilariously tangible

If you only watch one funny orangutan video this week – what are the chances of seeing more? – then make it this one.

‘Dude messing around,’ said Gregorius5 who shared it over on Reddit. And it’s 5 seconds well spent.

Dude messing around
by u/Gregorius5 in funny

Won’t be doing that again.

‘Suddenly otter chaos.’

‘That panic is real 😂😂.’

‘Bamboozling vs. Getting Bamboozled.’

‘The other dude at the back doing his work out 😂.’

‘Why are these two animals in the same space?’

‘There was a zoo where the orangutangs got very depressed during covid missing their public. The zoo was extending the otter run and tried seeing if they got on.

‘The animals loved each other and often play, with both seeking the other. This is likely play or stirring with neither side seriously trying to hurt the other.’

Source Reddit u/Gregorius5