How this 17 y/o’s first ‘job’ ended is a proper jaw-dropper and got just the responses they deserved

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ in which people call out awful bosses and highlight chilling instances of the state of work today.

And they don’t get much more awful (or chilling) or outrageous than this, especially if you’re just starting out.

‘How my 17 year old’s first “job” ended,’ said Redditor Kalli672 who shared it.

And they got just the responses they deserved.

‘One day’s pay is not a big deal for us.

‘That’s why we steal it off every employee.’

“Actually legally…”

‘Man they backed off real quick when he called their bluff.’

‘The “you don’t seem to have appreciated this” is rubbing me the wrong way. Like they’re doing the 17yo a favor? It’s a job, not a hand out.’

‘They hire teens because they think they can take advantage. Good on them for standing up for themselves.’

‘It took a bit of encouragement, and using google to prove to my kid that the owner was wrong. But once they believed me they were happy to stand up for their rights!’

Source Reddit u/Kalli672