Finland’s Eurovision entry was great but the sign language guy took Käärijä to a whole new level

Farewell then, Eurovision, which departs these shores for Sweden next year after singer Loreen made history by becoming the first woman to win it twice.

The whole thing was a fabulous triumph, but there were lots of people who thought Finland’s Käärijä, who won the public vote but ended up second with the extraordinary Cha Cha Cha, had been robbed.

It was certainly the act most people are likely to remember …

… and hard to believe we know, but it gets even more memorable if you watched it with the sign language interpreter.

@jenniferjane25 signing guy wins my vote #eurovision #eurovision2023 #finland #fyp #trend #jenniferjane25 ♬ original sound – JenniferFlaaameClark

Just in case that’s tricky to watch, here it is again on Reddit.

This sign language interpreter during a goofy Eurovision Song Contest performance
by u/Exact-Quote3464 in MadeMeSmile

And here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘The sign language people had better party than all of us 😂😂.’

‘Sign language interpreters need a special recognition category at the Grammys. Not a competition, just showing all the badass motherf*ckers who stole the show in the past year.’

‘And holy shit….some of them rock!!! Esp those who sign at concerts. They are a special breed of awesome. And this idea is freaking brilliant!!!!’

‘I mean now the song already makes more sense to me than before 😂😂😂.’

‘That’s not “cha Cha Cha”, that’s “chug chug chug.”‘
Marith Buma

‘Dude crushed it. 10/10.’

Source Reddit u/Exact-Quote3464 TikTok @jenniferjane25