This one-size-fits-all cat owner hack might not be all it’s cracked up to be

Over on r/funny, u/mundundermindifflin has shared this DIY tip for cat owners whose pets scratch the furniture, which is to say all cat owners.

Looks brand new
by u/mundundermindifflin in funny

Almost invisible repair job.

Had a friend who asked if I wanted a couch, although it has some scratches from his cat. That couch in the video actually looks better than the one he wanted me to take.

😂😂 For bigger scratches you need a bigger poker, obviously.

I love how he is perched regally on the couch arm, proud of his handiwork. Our cat’s work is very similar. Very elegant.

Luckily, a Redditor named u/Rammathornn spotted what they were doing wrong.

“Remember you need to swirl so it can work!”


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Source r/funny Image r/screengrab, Ihtar on Pixabay