Natasha Devon’s sarcastic response to an out-of-touch Brexiter was as good as it gets

LBC’s Natasha Devon displayed levels of restraint that should earn her some sort of radio host award, when a caller named Jason explained why he didn’t think there’d been adverse effects from Brexit.

“I’m sat here drinking a French bottle of wine …I’ve ordered a new BMW to arrive in nine weeks’ time.

Just been away …to Europe. Why is it so bad?”

“Have you been looking at the headlines about the record number of people using foodbanks, including in-work people?”

“To drink a nice bottle of wine, to order a new BMW creates work and effort to make money to do that. And most of us do that in the real world when we trade between Europe and, as Nigel Lawson said, 92% of the rest of the world are not in Europe.”

“If you’re …one of the nurses that has to use a foodbank, or one of the teachers that is striking or, indeed, a member of the RMT union or anybody who has fallen on difficult times and can’t afford the kind of lifestyle that Jason describes – just bear in mind it’s because you’re not working hard enough and you didn’t believe in Brexit enough.”

We’d love to have had a camera on Jason as Natasha destroyed his argument with next-level sarcasm. Tweeters had this to say –









Not everybody supported Natasha’s position, of course. There are plenty of Jasons in the world.

This response had it covered.

Relatable –


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