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A lost key led to the chance discovery that an elderly neighbour had been letting herself in uninvited

Over on r/CasualUK, it looks like u/Soulless–Plague got lucky when they lost their house key, because it led to this extraordinary discovery.

“I lost my keys while on a trip abroad. As the locksmith is installing the new Yales my elderly neighbour calls over the hedge “Why didn’t you just ask for the spare key?”

I’ve lived in my house for 4 years and I have just found out that my neighbour, who I have only ever had passing pleasantries with, still has a spare key that the previous owners gave her over 15years ago!

Not only that, but when the new locks were fitted she asked if I was planning to give her a new spare. I said no and that I’d be fine with just my parents having one. The response from her…”Well I won’t be able to water your plants when you’re away I suppose.”

So, it turns out the mad old girl has been letting herself into my house when I’m away to water my plants and tidy up without me knowing for 4 bloody years!! She did it for the previous owners and just didn’t stop once they moved!

Always change your locks when you move or a pensioner might be coming in and doing your dusting while you’re away.”

from Simon Pegg GIFs via Gfycat

Redditors locked onto the story with a vengeance.

I do beg your pardon, but we are in your garden.

And your kitchen

And your bathroom

And your bedroom….

Oh those pesky grandmas are always up for a game of Theft and Shrubbery!

And oh, I washed the back massager you have in the bedside table dear…….

Do you still have all your porridge?

No! And my chairs are broken…

Take her bins out and bring them in every week. That’ll teach her a lesson.

That’s weirdly sweet, certainly could have been a lot worse.

If one of my neighbours had a key I’d be lucky to have the copper still in the walls.

We asked our neighbour to feed our cat while we were on holiday once and when we got home she told us we needed to empty the crumb drawer on our toaster! 🫣🤷‍♂️🤣

Can I have your neighbour? I’d love it if mine came and did free dusting

She might be coming to you too! You’d never know! I’m questioning everything now. Did I really eat the last biscuit in the pack or has grandma break-in been helping herself to the custard creams?!

Help the aged, otherwise they’ll start helping themselves.

Best way to check if you suspect your elderly neighbour is doing this to you is leave a random Werthers Original in an obvious spot then check to see if it’s missing on your return 😉

McKennaRay had another tale of accidentally unlawful entry.

A friend of mine…. his parents moved house during the day whilst he was at school. He just went on auto-pilot to the old house, and his parents hadn’t taken his key from him, so he let himself in and then remembered what was happening that day when a different family looked at him all bemused!

Seriously, people – just change the locks.

If the references to Theft and Shrubbery went over your head, you’re in for a Bob Mortimer-shaped treat.


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