Truly gross proof that you should never leave your glass unattended – especially near foxes

Over on Instagram, Vic Del Coso Oviedo@leonbaila – has shared a clip named ‘ONE FOX ONE CUP’ with the added comment ‘Brit foxes so prim and proper’.

Warning – if you have a very sensitive stomach, this might not be the clip for you.

Firstly – good aim. Secondly – why? Just why?

Instagram users weighed in on the gross but undeniably funny spectacle.

“You will NOT believe what happened at the wine tasting”

How in the world does a wild animal know how to crap in a container? I can barely get mine to crap outside consistency.

I’m showing this to my dog. If a fox can use a cup, you can use the toilet.

Never in my life, did I think I’d see a fox dropping a deuce in someone’s drink at a party! 🤣

He said the beer is shit

Howling 😂😂

That’s for not inviting me to the party.

Hes a real ale kind of guy

sandynorris57 left this advice.

Never ever leave your drink unattended 🤣🤣🤣

We’re guessing the fox went off to do this.

@j23burnham UK wildlife is top tier #fyp #foryou #uk #fox #wildlife #garden ♬ Goodnight Sweet Possums – From "Ice Age The Meltdown" – John Powell


The way this cat reacts to a fox in its garden is oddly relatable

Source Vic Del Coso Oviedo Image Screengrab