This staring contest is 7 seconds of pure cuteness

If your day, week or life is feeling a bit rubbish, this seven seconds of cute interaction might just lift your spirits.

The clip of Hazel and Wilson from the Hazel and Rio account was tagged ‘The sweetest staring contest you ever did see 🖤’ and we can’t argue with that.

It has had almost two million likes, and – judging by the comments – has brightened many an Instagram user’s day.

Literally as she starts to smile at him his ears go right up☺️🥰

This little girl is precious and her doggie is beautiful.. The bond they share is very special.♥️🐾♥️

If that’s not love I don’t know what is

When @buitengebieden shared the video, it got a whole new appreciative audience.

Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. Dogs are.

@em.evans11 Best friends for life 🫶🏼 #goldenretriever #babiesanddogs #soulmate ♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose


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Source Hazel and Rio Image Screengrab