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Surely the most jaw-dropping 8 seconds you’ll watch this week

This video of a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon has gone wildly viral on Reddit for reasons which are about to become obvious.

It’s an (almost) terminally curious passenger who is given a lesson in flight safety by the pilot who – given the circumstances – is an absolute model of restraint.

Does she wants to die?
by u/Iceolator88 in facepalm

Wouldn’t have blamed him for reaching for the ejector seat. Hers, not his.

‘And that is when the pilot turns around.’

‘Lol, he sounds like he’s saying “no” to a dog.’

‘Stupid question but what does the lever do???’

‘Rotor brake lever. It makes the spinning thing on the top to stop spinning.’

‘So in flight it’s a “death lever”.’

‘My mom when I turn on the overhead light in the car.’

‘I work in the tourism industry. One of the things tourists most want to take a vacation from is common f-cking sense.’

‘Did she really say “why not” as if she has the right?’

“what do you mean i can’t stop the rotor, it’s doing such an annoying sound”

Source Reddit u/Iceolator88