Ozzy Man’s sweary review of ‘Tourist vs Kangaroo’ is as funny as it is NSFW

An American tourist recently went viral in Australia after having to defend himself against a young kangaroo.

The clip of the incident at Perth Zoo (originally shared by contains some very mild violence, but neither man nor kangaroo comes off badly.

What elevated the video to true comedy was the addition of a commentary by the unique and very sweary Ozzy Man.

@ozzymanreviews Here’s me commentary on a bully kangaroo 🔊 #ozzymanreviews #ozzyman #kangaroo #australia #funnyvideos ♬ original sound – Ozzy Man Reviews

“Personally, I think if ya taking advice from cockatoos, ya life isn’t going that well.”

Here’s what TikTok users thought of it.

I love how the ranger comes over and the kangaroo is like ah damn, I’m in trouble lol

The way the roo keeps looking at the camera, like it needs to make sure it’s still being recorded (gotta makes them Tiktok dollars 😂😂😂)

That Roo’s got some BEEF.

😂😂okay but hear me out …a fist battle 😅
Tayyiba Lewis

I’m weak from laughing 🤣🤣 glad it’s not me 😂😂😂😂😂

What did they do to upset skippy so much?

Mate, this is hilarious. I live in Perth and love your work.

I completely forgot they’re tripods.

I like the way the woman sneaked off 😂😂
Its Me David

Still …it could have been worse.



This paraglider was attacked by an angry kangaroo and the comic timing is just perfect

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