Meet the choosing beggar who wanted a $16 refund because she didn’t like her free gift

Have a little sympathy for Redditor u/justcallmeallison who had to deal with this outrageous choosing beggar – and did it with admirable patience.

Or, to put it another way, “Give me a free lipstick plus $16 or I’ll criticise your ‘costumer’ service.”

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Reddit users were baffled by the customer’s attitude.

I’m stunned by this. I’m genuinely curious how someone develops this level of… (I can’t express what I mean definitively.) shamelessness? entitlement? impropriety? nonsense?

Projection much? She wanted a refund against a different item for a free gift. That’s the scam. People really are pathetic and batshit crazy.

I’d love to just go knock on their door and look them up and down.

Theres a company that ships animal shit to people’s doorsteps. Might be worth considering. Maybe theyll refund her if she doesn’t like the way it smells.

Who ties this person’s shoes in the morning? Because it’s not them.

Costumer service was a good ending. Might be an epic troll.

I deal with this sh*t on a daily basis… I’m so tired of people, honestly. 😂

Some days, I almost believe that ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ is a scientifically proven fact.

I ordered a couple of foundations and concealers from a website, in one of the lightest shades they carried. I received a free gift, in one of the darkest shades. I laughed, put it on Facebook marketplace, and made someone else happy with a free foundation.

CoffeeNinja1603 had a similar anecdote.

Congratulations to OP for having the patience of a saint. I had a similar thing when I put a small beard balm in with an order with a large beard balm of a different scent, just to be nice.

Got a message that they didn’t like the scent of small one and they haven’t even got a beard so can’t use it anyway. Started demanding a refund for both as a gesture of goodwill and to secure future orders from all their friends.

I had the wife take over at that point, I was about to flip the table.

Lonit-Bonit had a suggestion.

Psh, can’t believe you didn’t refund her free gift. “Sure sure, hold on. Ok sent.” “I didn’t get anything.” “Oh, I refunded the exact amount you paid for the free gift.” “But I didn’t get anything.” “Mmhm.”


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