Larry and Paul’s Honest UK Trains Ad bitingly expresses every sad fact about British railways

If you regularly use UK trains – or even if you use them irregularly – this Honest UK Trains Ad by Larry Budd and Paul Dunphy (Larry and Paul) will either bring you some relatable laughs or cause you to have stress-related flashbacks.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

“You’ll be amazed, with prices for the exact same journey, in the exact same seat, ranging from twelve pounds to only seven hundred and eighty-twelve pounds.”

It went down far better than a buffet car sandwich.

I literally spit my tea out laughing when you said ‘prefer to travel by road? our trains do that too!!’ 😂

Pinpoint accurate. As a Dutchie living in the UK, I simply can’t understand how the state of the country (not just the railways) still hasn’t triggered a general uprising.

This is absolutely genius, so funny because it’s nearly not entirely untrue. Heading back for a third watch. Oooh greedy!

When they posted the sketch on Twitter, the plaudits continued.

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