Adam Kay had the very best response to Grant Shapps ‘billing’ Keir Starmer over the Just Stop Oil protests

You might have seen earlier this week the department for energy security and net zero was targeted by Just Stop Oil protesters.

The pressure group sprayed the building with its trademark orange paint in protest at the government’s fossil fuel policies.

We mention it because it stirred energy secretary Grant Shapps into action. Nothing to do with cutting our reliance on fossil fuels, obviously, but writing a letter to Kier Starmer.

Specifically, invoicing him to pay for the cost of clearing up all that orange paint because, er, Labour is apparently the ‘political wing’ of Just Stop Oil.

Just in case that’s tricky to see in full …

And it prompted all sorts of totally on-point responses …

But the best surely went to the great doctor turned author, comedian and Bafta-winning screenwriter Adam Kay.

That’s got to hurt.

Last word to @JustStop_Oil.

Source Twitter @amateuradam