These outrageously entitled parents lost their babysitter and threw their toys out of the pram and got just the response they deserved

We’ve featured a few entitled parents on these pages – you can find 13 of them here – but we’re not sure we’ve ever found any quite so entitled as this.

It’s a couple who were shocked when their ‘babysitter’ unexpectedly quit and were subsequently unable to find a replacement for reasons which will become obvious.

And there were lots of people saying things like this, although the parents still weren’t having it.

But surely no-one said it best than the babysitter themselves.

And the parents still weren’t taking any of it.

Ooof. Good luck finding your next sitter.

The post was shared by Complete-Zucchini-85 over on Reddit who said: ‘What do you mean you can’t afford it?!’

‘Pretty sure she will be making more than $100 a week at Walmart though.’

‘If my math is right, 9-5 Monday through Friday she’s making $2.50/hr. Literally not worth the trip, this lady is insane

‘Even if Walmart only pays 10$ an hour then it’s worth having to deal with customers.’

‘Oh and the “mean comments” on FB didn’t clue her in at all? Cuz, you know, FB….’

‘Imagine you are paying someone 2.50$ to raise your kids.’

‘… and be surprised that no one will work for that.’

Source Reddit u/Complete-Zucchini-85 MediaChomp