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These exceedingly specific lift instructions are melting brains everywhere

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work out how exactly the buttons on this lift work.

The elevator went viral on Reddit after it was shared by, er, PluckPubes, who said: who said: ‘Am I drunk?’

Well, they might have a point.

Here are our favourite responses it prompted – and a few people who suggested solutions (and explanations).

‘Why do I get the feeling that if you follow the guide you get to the next level but if you just try enough combinations you might find a secret floor with an item that increases your health?’

‘Item that increases your health’

‘Not unlikely in a hospital.’

‘Even instructional picture is not the same to the actual buttons.’

‘Not sure about you being drunk but I’m not and it still took me a solid 45-50 seconds to understand wtf was going on.’

‘I still don’t.’

‘I was going to guess that this was a mild security measure for a dementia unit or something.’

‘I’m assuming it’s to prevent gurneys from bumping buttons when they roll patients in and out.

‘Eta: as others have pointed out. There are laws dictating the height of buttons for wheel chair users etc etc.’

Just in case you were still wondering …

‘These are very common in my city. It’s a security measure to stop squirrels from using the elevators.

‘Every year buildings with elevators lose thousands in electricity costs due to squirrels riding up and down elevators all day.

‘Squirrels have learned how to use one push elevators but they haven’t caught onto these 2 step verification elevators yet. If they ever do, get ready for 3 step verification elevators.’

Source Reddit u/PluckPubes