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When people shared their ‘amazing but true’ real life tales, this was the outright winner

It all started when MochaMario99 had a question for people over on Reddit.

“What’s a funny memory you have that if you told someone, they’d think you’re lying?”

And it prompted no end of amazing true stories. Well, we assume they’re true …

‘When I was ditching first period in HS a cop was in front of me at 7/11. The cashier couldn’t break his $50 so I paid for his coffee with my stuff. He thanked me, we jabbed about me being “late” Yo school and I noticed the tattoo on his neck and we joked about bad decisions.

‘Two weeks later I get caught in a speed trap and who sticks his head in my window. And he went, “coffee girl!” And I went “tat neck!” And got let off with a finger shake.’

‘I tripped and fell at the same corner outside subway 3 different times years apart and the same guy tried to catch me every single time.

‘Okay I keep getting loads of soulmate/marriage comments so to clarify I was SEVEN the first time this happened. This was a grown man lmao.’

‘An eagle came for my face as a child. I was about 8. I ducked and it ended up grabbing my hair and taking some with it. I ran inside crying and told my mom. She didn’t believe me so I never told anyone else. I’m 22.’

‘Got stuck in a bank for the night. When the bank is closed, you can still get to the ATM thanks to a security door.

‘Once inside the door decided to stop working. No phone, no emergency button. Just waited here for hours till someone in the street saw me trough the glass and called someone.’

‘Before my hUsband and I were married, but had been dating for a long while, I was watching Portlandia and BAM there’s my husband on screen. Dumbfounded I called him and he casually said “oh yeah I forgot about that.”

But if there was a gold medal for the best ‘amazing but true’ tale then it was surely this one.

We’re not sure ‘weird coincidence’ quite does that justice …

And it prompted no end of responses of its own.

‘That is actually insane. How close were the numbers?’

‘Probably within ~10,000.’

‘I once called cold-called friend I hadn’t heard from in 10 years. It was busy.

‘I called again a few seconds later. His first words to me “I just called you! It was busy.”

‘We had not spoken in years and yet cold called each other within the same ~10 seconds. It wasn’t for any particular reason either. Just pure coincidence.’

‘I once read something similar here. Dude calls the wrong number, which ends up being his friend’d grandparents’ house… where his friend was and picked up the phone.’

‘Wow, I’ve never heard of it having happened to anyone else, and I’ve told this story quite a lot, even on Reddit!’

Source Reddit u/MochaMario99 Image Pexels Emrecan Algül