Bad Lip Reading has gone all-in on Ron DeSantis – and it’s just perfect

The Bad Lip Reading account has done great things with the raw material that is US politics. They tore into Joe Biden’s State of the Union address and gave the House of Representatives hilariously apt nicknames.

They’ve now turned their laser-like vision on Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida – home of the Everglades, Disney World, and a long list of dwindling rights for women and minorities.

“The mad millionaire is greasy.”

Can’t argue with that.

YouTube users had their say.

As a Mexican person, I can confirm that we are, in fact, always doing things

It’s nice to see that there’s a candidate who can go fecal.

I love how the editing makes these bits actually follow one another smoothly rather than feeling random, the extra thought put into this is amazing.

Still more charisma than the real DeSantis.

In today’s political climate I would not be shocked if “Wika wika puddin’ pie” was an effective campaign slogan…

“Why don’t you slowly step into a freight train” is just one of the lines here DeSantis could’ve actually said.

Finally a candidate that says the things I want to hear. 😂

Voice actor was freakishly on point.

I know from much experience to NEVER attempt to hold, nevermind drink any form of liquid while watching a BLR video, and this one is no different. You have been warned! 😂

lucassnow2959 wasn’t wrong with this.

It doesn’t matter which political party you might side with, we can all agree that these Bad Lip Readings of politicians are the best thing on the internet. And that all stains are important.


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