William Shatner reviewing impressions of himself … is … peak … Shatner

Everybody and their dog thinks they can do. An. Impression. Of. William. Shatner.

Vanity Fair magazine decided to test that theory in the best way possible – by getting the man himself to review people’s efforts.

Watch what happened.

“Chris Pine can do no harm.”

“Think of the ramifications of what Chris Pine is doing. It’s Captain Kirk playing Captain Kirk, and that mirror image shimmers back and forth and will go on …into infinity.”

It wouldn’t be William Shatner if he didn’t come out with something cosmic.

Twitter recently revived the one-year-old video.

We thought these reactions nailed it.

This could describe so many clips of William Shatner.

But he’s still a legend.


William Shatner’s version of Rocket Man is an absolute blast

Source Vanity Fair Image Screengrab