Watch this octopus trade a plastic cup home for a shell – with a little help

Diver Pall Sigurdsson did a very good deed when he helped this little octopus trade up from a room with a view but a terrible safety rating to something a little more sturdy.

Not many of us get to move into a better home without having to shell out.

Although the clip is four years old, it recently found a new audience on Reddit, courtesy of u/kirolossedra. It hit the sweet spot with the r/DamnThatsInteresting crowd, who left these comments.

Nobody believed him when he said his armor was forged by a giant.

Octopus probably was pissed that dude took away his magic see-through shell… he cant be protected AND have an ocean view.

Poor dude just traded some alien tech for a couple of sea shells (yes I’m glad the trash was cleaned up).

Homie was selective. I feel that.

“Only the best for me”

-That octopus most likely

Octopus tells his mates “You wouldn’t believe what someone traded me this for.”

This is how humans are supposed to interact with other life.

Honestly makes me sad how much people pollute the ocean.

That octopus is a traitor, his ancestors spent millennia becoming shell-less mollusks, and now he just wants to go back? Kids these days, smh.

It reminded cmor1787 of something else.

This is exactly what I go through every time I try to get my wife to pick out a pair of shoes to wear so we can leave for our date 😂.


Just a video of a seal slapping a kayaker in the face with an octopus

Source Pall Sigurdsson Image Screengrab