The frustrating but funny truth about online recipes

Matt Shirley‘s charts and graphs are a thing of beauty. They address the trials and tribulations of everyday events – the human condition, if you will.

In this pair of pie charts (aptly) he has managed to convey the awful truth about online recipes.

See for yourself.

Here are a few things Reddit users had to say about it.

SEO is the real villain here.

With a sprinkle of affiliate links to premium quality ingredients that will totally take your dish to the next level, but you can use these common pleb versions if you insist.

Common phrase being shouted in my house “I don’t give a fuck about your fucking food journey, I just wanna make your fucking strawberry short cake”

Unfortunately this isn’t funny as much as it is painfully true.

1 measuring cup

1 cutting board

2 sticks of butter

4 cups of apples

36 small bowls

baking soda (5 gallons)

a pumpkin

2 ski masks

2 lint rollers (for the pumpkin)

Me: “wha”

Johhnny5 added –

I would add a small slice of “The most useless user comments about anything that you can find on the Internet”.

I was looking at a recipe the other day and a user posted, “This looks great, but I don’t have any peanut butter. Would cream cheese work?” And I can’t help but think, this is a person we just let operate an oven and have access to sharp knives?

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