Someone took epic revenge on a work colleague who stole their lunch and it’s simply delicious

We’ve all had food or drink nicked from the office fridge – well, we did when we used to work in an office – but we’ve never had the courage to respond like this.

It’s someone who didn’t just have a snack or a spoonful of their eye-wateringly expensive coffee go missing – it was their entire lunch.

And it’s fair to say they weren’t taking it lying down. Steelsnapdragon shared the tale in the corner of Reddit called ‘Am I The Asshole?’ because they were concerned they had done the wrong thing.

It turns out they needn’t have worried, they needn’t have worried at all.

Simply delicious!

And here are our favourite things they said about it.

‘NTA – lol You. Are. An. Absolute. Baller. Honestly you handled it in a epic fashion.

‘Don’t think anybody is going to mess with you from now on. Don’t worry about the ‘whispers’ I reckon most likely people will deep down respect you more. Well at least I would if I worked there.

‘Good job.’

‘NTA. There is no reason to be polite to someone who stole your lunch and would have let you go hungry if you had not caught them.’

‘NTA. Someone stole my lunch last week and I am not ashamed to admit that I burst into tears and it ruined my whole shift.

‘The catharsis I am feeling while reading this is amazing.’

‘NTA, you’re not an asshole for putting him on blast, it was well deserved and based on your retelling pretty funny as well.

‘He’s obviously an asshole on the other hand, stealing other people’s food without any concern about leaving you without any food to eat.’

To conclude …

‘NTA. I f*cking applaud you. Amazing.’

Source Reddit u/Steelsnapdragon Image Pixabay