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Someone suggested it’s fine to procreate as soon as puberty starts, and got murdered by words

The fabulous u/beerbellybegone on Reddit spotted this fantastic takedown of an anti-abortionist (check out the user name) who was just innocently wondering what’s the big deal about young teens getting pregnant.

The title ‘At least he knows he’s an ignorant fool’ is spot on.

I started menstruating at age 10. Nature can fuck off. At age 10, I was still playing with Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop.

And even though you could get pregnant, your body was too small to give birth safely. The two are not related.

Bodies work better when they get to get used to running the basics before fully functioning. You breathe in the womb before there is oxygen present so your diaphragm and lungs will be ready. You babble as a baby before you’re able to use words to communicate. Why should the reproductive systems be any different?

If I’m not mistaken, during earlier parts of civilization, 12-14 was a pretty standard age for girls to get married at and have children — obviously incurring a whole slew of medical issues and deaths.

He says he’s ignorant 3 whole times, just so when he’s called out on how stupid that logic is he can say how stupid that is.

Why did we evolve this way when it’s not beneficial? Why didn’t we evolve this way when it would be more beneficial? Evolution is a crap shoot, and we are walking/talking survivor biases.

The dude in red should be put on a list.

I love a good analogy that crushes non-critical thinkers’ dumb opinions.

That’s alot of words to say “I should not live near schools.”

This guy is a twit. Having the equipment and being ready to give a child a life in this world, is a hell of a difference. I hope this guy hasn’t procreated, he brings down the planet’s average IQ.

ShawmyMcKnight had a suspicion.

I’m guessing this is more of an argument whether or not a 12 year old getting pregnant should be an exception for abortion bans.

Give that person a coconut.


The hilarious takedown of this evangelist’s alcohol ‘fact’ was simply epic

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