This MAGA cultist won’t believe Joe Biden’s in the White House until he sees it for himself

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper must sometimes go home wishing he could give his brain a rinse after interviewing Trump’s MAGA army. Watch his face as this fan talks about who is or isn’t the President.

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“You think Joe Biden is President, right?”

“No – I think that man is a scam. I just know that allegedly he’s there, ’cause that man doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“But, physically, he is there. He’s serving the role of President.”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t been down …I haven’t been to Washington D.C. I’ve not seen him walk in the White House.”

When TikTok users had finished facepalming, they had these comments to make.

‘I don’t know all the specific facts’ sums it up well.
Gary H

😳😳😳It just goes on and on.
justme she/ her, they/ them

How do you do this? I couldn’t.
La Morena

How do they love this man so much while struggling living in poverty and he’s using their money to pay legal bills?

You can hate Biden, think he’s incompetent or whatever, but they can’t acknowledge the simple fact that Biden is president. It’s a bloody cult.
I’m Dutch van der linde

Doctorates in cult studies would have a field day with research right now.

Does anyone else’s brain hurt when they talk to these people? 😅🤦🏼‍♀️
jenna melvin

In my heart, Calvin Coolidge is my president still 😁.

Seems credible to me. Unless, I mean, hear me out. Unless this guy is just ignorant, susceptible, and uneducated. If that’s the case, then I call BS!

If Trump is president, then stop blaming Biden for things! It makes no sense.

They can “think” he’s president all they want but it’s just…NOT TRUE!

shanny had a suspicion.

Like if he was on a game show and they said who is the president of the USA in 2023, if it was for money he would say Biden without the qualifier.

It’s neverending.

@thedailyshow You can tell Trump didn't do anything wrong because he's not hiding anything. Except that he's hiding everything. #dailyshow #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – The Daily Show


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