This Tinder troll was given a taste of their own medicine and it’s today’s most satisfying read

It was bad enough dating back in the day without having to deal with things like Tinder.

We’ve never been on the dating site and here’s just one more exchange to add to the pile labelled ‘and thank goodness for that’.

It’s a Tinder troll who got exactly what they deserved and it turned out – to no-one’s great surprise anywhere – that they can dole it out but they definitely, absolutely, 100% can’t take it.

‘I quit,’ said MentalLavishness9734 who shared it over on Reddit.

Amen to that.

‘The exact reason why I don’t include my hot friends in my pics.’

‘I’m extra careful by not having friends.’

‘This has definitely happened to me before in online dating where someone asked if a friend in my pic was single.

‘Online dating is like catalogue shopping. No one thinks of the person they are talking to as a real human.’

‘Has that ever worked? Like asking if their friend is single while matching with someone.’

‘Yea, I’ve seen posts on it. But it’s done with more tact. It’s so shitty to say, hey your friend is hotter then you.’

Source Reddit u/MentalLavishness9734