The escalating fury of this response to a harmless question on Tinder is a proper jaw dropper

Time now to add another entry to our bulging file labelled ‘reasons we’re very glad we’re not on Tinder’.

It’s an exchange which has just gone viral on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

An apparently innocuous question – well, it seemed that way to us – prompted a furious response which just kept on escalating until, well, best have a read for yourself.

‘Happened to a friend of mine today,’ said tylerdurden47 who shared it.

And while it didn’t even end there it’s at this point that we’ve decided to call it a day.

Just in case you were wondering …

‘Let me just add. My friend is a guy and he was texting with a 40 year old woman,’ said tylerdurden47 who posted it.

And here are just a few of the things people said in response.

‘The answer to the question is no, they did not make any friends. Who would want to be friends with a psycho like that.’

‘Yeah I really hoped his reply was “I’ll take that as a no” then … leaves chat.’

‘It’s nice when crazy people let you know right off the bat that they’re nuts so you don’t waste any more effort.’

In three words …

‘She seems nice.’

Source Reddit u/tylerdurden47