The takedown of this atheists ‘challenge’ has gone viral again and it’s straight out of the top drawer

In the comeback hall of fame – we’ve been paying a few visits the last few weeks – this is surely somewhere close to the very top.

It’s a response to a challenge set by @BlakeWriting which has just gone wildly viral again on Reddit. Because it’s so good it must be heaven sent.

‘Are you REALLY a good person?’ asked Redditor A_prawn_in_a_sock who posted it.

Mega oof.

‘Clearly the threat of eternal damnation doesn’t work, either.’

‘While this is indeed a good comeback, the actual answer is actually very simple. The golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”. This rule is the real moral bedrock of most ethics, is self-reinforcing, and requires no god.’

‘A little thing called basic empathy.’

Source Reddit u/A_prawn_in_a_sock Image Pexels