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When your restaurant metaphor for atheism is a bit hard to swallow

The ever-vigilant u/beerbellybegone has spotted another gem of a clapback to post to r/MurderedByWords.

He gave it the title ‘It’s a simile’. Brace yourself for a bible-bashing bad take. Other religious texts are available.

beerbellybegone added –

“At some point you’ll grow hungry enough to make your own food, at which point everyone else in the restaurant will credit the non-existent cook for something you did.”

That’s what happens when your metaphor leaves the door open for other points of view. In fact, quite a few Redditors ran with the restaurant analogy.

And when someone dies of starvation, waiting for food in the restaurant, the waiter tells you that it was all part of the cook’s “greater plan” that we are not allowed to be privy to, but we should accept nonetheless.

And they keep asking you tip the waiter every time you see them.

“Gee, now I know why this place has only 1 star on Google”.

Also, the waiter keeps telling you how much the chef hates gay people and shrimp.
Ar Tiyme

The bible thumpers really thought they struck gold with the restaurant analogy. I’ve seen it several times now.

And sometimes the waiter DOES come out with some food and they proudly tell you that it’s the cook’s son and you have to turn to cannibalism because the son died for you and the other people in the restaurant. Bon Appetit.

And all the waiters in the restaurant read out of slightly different menus so one table gets chicken with rice, the other with pasta. And other tables are confused because they only heard the salad and sandwiches parts from their waiters.

Look the Chef is definitely there somewhere, we’ve never actually seen him but he’s definitely there.

I heard from someone else that works here that the Sous Chef was here then left, but he’ll be back any day now.

Anyway remember to tip your waiter.

And sometimes the waiters start to throw stuff at each other and everyone else in the restaurant because they believe in different cooks.

As opposed to going to a restaurant, ordering from a menu that has been questionably translated, parts of it removed, written by people who never talked to or even seen the chef. In fact, no one has ever seen the Chef.

Alfred-Adler provided the perfect conclusion.

The kitchen works in mysterious ways.

We’ve definitely had food from a few mysterious kitchens.


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