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The mansplainers queuing up to say why this weight loss pic is ‘faked’ is a facepalm for the ages

In the facepalm hall of fame – what do you mean you haven’t visited yet? – this particular exhibit surely deserves pride of place.

It’s a whole bunch of mansplainers queuing up to say why this pair of weight loss pics – specifically, the one on the right – can’t possibly be real. Because, er, tattoo.

It’s just gone viral again on Reddit after it was shared by Amelie_QA who said: ‘Literally no one noticed that one pic it taken infront of a mirror i have no words.’

Just in case they’re tricky to read, we’ve zoomed in on the left hand side of them.

Not enough forehead in the world for that one.

‘They’re so dumb and at the same time so confident.’

‘It’s such an aggressive confidence as well. Like they are chomping at the bit to find a way to be the smartest one.’

‘Best compliment ngl.’

‘Abstract concepts like mirrors reverse images escapes people with sub standard IQs.’

‘If you had told me 15 years ago that there would be people dumber than Juggalos by a fairly wide margin, I would have laughed out of the room.

‘I miss those days.’

‘This is why the aliens don’t think we’re worth saving. Our stupidity is on full display every day.’

Source Reddit u/Amelie_QA