The only thing palatable about this recipe is the hilarious commentary

Funny TikToker @chefreactions doesn’t mince his words when he stitches with the bad cookery videos that catch his eye.

His hilarious commentaries make watching even the most dreadful creation worthwhile – and this is one of the most dreadful creations.

See for yourself. It’s a little NSFW.

@chefreactions #duet with @Tammylouiseee texas, do you claim her? #chef #chefreactions #fyp ♬ original sound – Tammylouiseee

“This shit is sped up, but you still need to work faster – even sped up.”

“Splash the milk around like Satan’s kiddie pool.”

He’s brave – we’ll give him that. Would you eat whatever that was?

TikTok users weighed in.

Why do these people hate boiling their pasta?

In Texas prison maybe.

Why? Also, pet peeve: aluminum pans. Don’t you own a Pyrex???

As a Texan, I’m offended anyone ever showed this to anyone in Texas.

And I’m not hungry anymore, thanks.

Does she just tell the pasta and chicken to cook at the same pace?

Why are these people always boiling meat?

You and I had the same facial reaction about her not wanting to touch raw chicken.

Should just use canned chicken and save yourself a few seconds. Wouldn’t taste any different.

Merc3R had a suggestion.

Should do a new series where you actually try these recipes, lol.

10/10. Would watch.


The recipe is terrible but the NSFW commentary gets five stars

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