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The topic of US vs UK comedy caused murder by words

A Redditor named u/Potted_Plant3075 spotted this international murder by words that pushed the special relationship to breaking point.

They added –

Had me giggling for ages.

It got people thinking of which shows fit the bill, amongst other things.

8 out of 10 cats does countdown, Taskmaster, Would I Lie To You – just to name a few.

I am not even british, and am in love with these shows.

Have you seen the American Only Fools and Horses pilot?

They turned Grandad into a ladies man party boy, and used the old actor from Back to the Future. They aren’t subtle about it either, because new Del drives a Delorian and they make like 3 Back to the Future jokes in the 20 minute pilot. All jokes that break the fourth wall too, it’s so bad.

It’ll be funnier, but there will only be six episodes.

US Ghosts was absolutely awful. Completely lacking in any charm or subtlety. It really isn’t even a close run thing.

Good point, British accents do sound funnier.

The formula clearly doesn’t work for everything. For example, funintention9846 added this –

The Simpsons UK original just shows me a live feed of the Royal family.

People started naming exceptions.

What is FRIENDS, but in the UK?

You not seen CHUMS?

“30 Rock UK”.


Help! I’m having trouble finding the superior UK version of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

Arrested Development UK is straight fire.

And, of course, tastes vary.

Most of the times I agree, Brits have excellent humor. “The Office” though, the US version is so much better.


The differences between the UK and US in 14 short steps is full of great points

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