An American asked why Germans aren’t patriotic and it’s a comeback hall of famer

Somewhere in the comeback hall of fame – we know, we spend far too much time there – is this response to an American who asked why Germans aren’t patriotic.

Chances are you might have seen it before but even if you have then you might want to enjoy it again, after it just went viral on Reddit.

‘Just different, that´s all,’ said Moriati_1 who shared it over on Reddit.


‘German humour strikes again.’

‘Sadly it´s more fact than humor.’

‘Speaking as a German, that would be really nice but at the end of the day the people here are the same as anywhere else. Although I do appreciate that we don’t have that American style patriotism (anymore…)’

‘Been to Berlin, there’s this peculiar use of leaving empty glass bottles by the side of the road or on the sidewalk so homeless people can gather them and sell them to a specific checkpoint for a minimal income.’

‘Yeah you pay a small deposit (almost) every time you buy a bottled or canned drink that you get back when you return the bottles/cans to the grocery store.

‘So often when you have a drink outside you leave the bottle close to a garbage can for the homeless instead of throwing it away.’

Source Reddit u/Moriati_1 Image Pexels Rickie-Tom Schünemann