Someone complained that these anchors were too polite – so they fixed that

This funny clip from 2018 of WGN anchors taking the advice of a grumpy viewer to extremes shows just what you can do with a well-placed bleep.

We’ll let it speak for itself.

WGN scraps politeness, tells reporters ‘f**k you’ during broadcast.
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Don’t ever say the media don’t listen.

It went down a storm on Reddit.

The joys of being an independent station. WGN does a lot of funny things that syndicated channels will never do.

WGN MORNING NEWS is one of the best things about Chicago and there’s a lot of GREAT things in Chicago.

Love how they handled it, I am a fan of this station now!

Looks like they just bleeped out Thank, but funny nonetheless
Myrddin Sidhe

I grew up watching WGN, they’re my local station. There are so many clips like this of them just fucking around. Makes me happy, hahahaha.

This actually made me legit LOL.

Inevitably, it reminded a lot of people of this.


A typo on the autocue led to this newsreader’s Anchorman-style gaffe

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