This exasperating exchange perfectly captures the horror of trying to sell stuff online

As we might have mentioned before, the best thing about selling stuff online is that you might make a bit of money out of it plus you get to feel good about recycling your old stuff.

The worst thing however – and unfortunately it’s a very big ‘worst’ – is that you have to deal with people.

Why are we wanging on like this? Because of this particular exchange which has just gone viral on Reddit.

‘This is how hard it is to sell a car on Craigslist,’ said IllegalJudge who shared it.


‘People are dumb as hell yeah, always surprising how stupid people can be.’

‘How did he gather a time to show up?? ‘

‘Anyone calling it “da car” is someone I’m not meeting.’

‘Was buying a car found on Craigslist. All I said was “deal is good I won’t lower the offer I’m just going to have my Honda mechanic come with me.”

‘He said “oh nah you don’t need to do that.”

‘Me “hmm yes I do.”

‘Him “I’ll take $200 off you don’t need to have your mechanic look”

‘Me “ummmm..he needs to look”

‘Him “man you $&@$@$@ Scammer!! you wasting my time don’t ever call me again!!” And hung up. Okay sure I definitely won’t ever call you again.’

Source Reddit u/IllegalJudge