This Mark Watson gig suffered a most unfortunate pre-show fail and his fabulous response went wildly viral

The great Mark Watson is currently on tour and very possibly coming to a venue near you soon.

We mention this because at the weekend Mark was playing a gig in his home town of Bristol – specifically at the Tobacco Factory venue – when he suffered a most unfortunate pre-show fail.

Here’s his video of what happened (and what happened next) and it’s a fabulously funny watch.

Here’s just a little bit of what he had to say his (very patient) audience.

‘There’s no other way to say it, I can’t get in.

‘It’s no-one’s fault.

‘We could do it here, but you paid for a seat and you paid to be in a room resembling a theatre so I just wanted you to know, in case it looks like I’m very complacent, just drinking at the bar, yes I am drinking at the bar, but I’m taking the situation as seriously as you are,’

Fabulously done.

And it turned out the clip proved popular. Really, really popular. So much so that Mark was moved to say this later on Twitter, in a state of mild (well, maybe more than mild) bemusement.

‘I am largely posting this to express a middle-aged man’s bemusement that this 60-second chronicle of a mildly amusing incident has had more attention than almost anything else I’ve put before the public in my life.

‘How do you adapt when your creative instincts are so doggedly long-form that your best work is a series of 24-hour-shows and a body of novels, but you find yourself in a world where people ideally like things to be around one minute long? Well, on we go, into the unknown.’

And just in case you were wondering, Mark (and everyone else) did indeed eventually get in.

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And see him live here!

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