What happened as a child that to this day no-one believes you? – 19 not-so-tall tales

Over on r/CasualUK, u/TheL0stCity had this question.

What happened/did you see as a child that to this day no-one still believes you?

They had their own example.

I remember going into the toilet in Spain as a kid and seeing a lobster on the bathroom floor behind the toilet. Told my parents and none of them believed me. Still to this day, I mention it and they still think I’m lying!

The comments section was like therapy for a lot of people, who shared the injustices of not being believed. These were their tales.




I was walking home from school with a mate and he threw a conker at a car and the driver slammed his brakes on and got out of his car, he came over swore at me and then slapped me in the face.

The next day I was watching Match of the day and the fucking guy came on the tv and it was Peter Beardsley. I told my dad and he just would not have it but I swear to this day it was him. His face and voice are pretty distinctive.


In Spain, got a hole in one playing crazy golf on my own. Was one of those holes what go uphill and you end up giving up.

Very proudly marked it on my little scratch sheet and contributed to an overall decent score. Was well chuffed. Parents and older brother refused to believe it and mocked me instead.


When I was about 14 I saw a Kite (bird of prey) perched nonchalantly on the back of a chair in our kitchen, just sat there staring at me. Ran to tell my parents, got back a few seconds later and it was gone through the open window. No one believes me to this day


My Dad and I were walking through some field in Oxfordshire, the field had a mix of cows and sheep. We were just walking along and a sheep looked at us both and said “moooooooo” then walked off. To this day no one believes us.


My mum used to make blackberry pies a lot, from berries we’d go and pick at the local country park/woodland.

I swear to god she put one on the windowsill to cool one day and an old lady came along and took it.




Saw a person dressed in all black with their hood up staring at our house from across the house road, scared me so I went to get my Mum and when I came back they were gone

Still don’t know if I was imagining things or not but it freaked me out enough to give me nightmares


Walking though Balham, pass a phone box and there’s a fella crammed inside, making a call, with a fully-grown golden eagle on his arm. I always wanted to know the backstory on that one.


I was a little girl driving past St Marks in Worsley, and there was a woman astride an elephant coming out of the church with bridesmaids in tow and everything.


Rehearsing for some kind of harvest festival thing early on in primary school. I was on the back row of the choir holding an apple in my left hand. I was on the end of the row with nobody to my left. I reached out whilst I sang, lifting the apple up to my left of me and heard/felt a crunch being taken out of the fruit. I look at the apple and there was a big bite taken out of it. I got bollocked by the teacher who thought I had taken a cheeky munch. It definitely was not me. Ghostly apple eating goings on.