Esther McVey is Rishi Sunak’s new anti-work minister and Lorraine Kelly’s brutal one-word takedown went viral all over again

There was so much going on in Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet reshuffle that it was easy to miss this particular appointment, designed, by all accounts to appease the right of the party mourning the departure – sob – of Suella Braverman.

Step forward, GB News presenter (and Conservative MP) Esther McVey, tasked with leading the government’s anti-woke agenda and acting as a “common sense tsar”.

It generated a whole bunch of responses, of which you can read our favourites over here.

It also brought one particular television appearance to mind.

No, not this video (although we like it).

Or this one (and we like this too).

Or this one! (Guess what, we also like this as well).

But this one, Lorraine Kelly’s fabulously brutal one-word takedown which will ring through the ages.

It’s a glorious moment from Good Morning Britain back in the day – so far back in the day that Piers Morgan was still on it – as they prepared to hand over to Kelly’s show.

Bravo, everybody. She was definitely wide awoke after that.


Esther McVey is the new ‘common sense’ minister to tackle ‘wokery’ – 24 votes of no confidence

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