Andrew Tate said he’d never date a woman with a job and his reasoning was quite something – 9 favourite takedowns

To the world – briefly – of Andrew Tate, where the king of toxic masculinity took time out from eating his food really, really fast to offer his thoughts on jobs and relationships.

Specifically, the sort of job he expects his partner to have. And the answer to that appears to be ‘no job at all’ because – stick with us, we’re almost there – looking after him is a full time role.

Here’s what the toxic manfluencer had to say on Twitter (warning – it goes on a bit. Quite a bit).

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

Any woman I date does not have a job.

Why would I be working so hard to have hundreds of millions for my woman to waste her life enslaved for pennies?


I will give you a life you could never ever afford, ever.

Private jets.

5 star hotels.

New cars.

Endless spending money and diamonds.

You will be rich because you are praying for me everyday and protecting my spirit.

I work in the physical world and she works in the spirit realm.

Women shouldnt have to work because being a good partner is a full time job for a woman.

She has to look good.

All the beauty treatments are time intensive. Not about money, takes alot of TIME.

She has to train everyday and stay in fantastic shape.

Shop to look amazing next to me.

I know there are some men who do 100x more than this on a daily basis but females are not as organised as men and achieving anything significant causes them huge amounts of stress.

They need to have huge sections of their day empty to waste or they will have a mental breakdown.

And do you want a woman whos stressed and angry after the commute? Unshaven and exhausted?

Or do you want a barbie doll whos always smiling and saying “thank youuuuuu!” because she did her nails and bought new Prada that day?

As a man – unless youre a loser – youre already filthy rich, right?

You can get endless sex anyway, girls are easy.

So what can a girl give you? Happiness, vibes! Always smiling.

Take the edge off a stressful life.

Can she always be happy if shes been working all day?


She has to wake up at 11, gym till 1, one appointment and some shopping, dressed beautiful by 7pm for you to finish working and tell you how strong you are.

No matter how pissed off you are she has to always be laughing and smiling and writing you little notes about how youre perfect.

And she has to be playful and funny.

She cant do that if she has a job.

So your job is being my girlfriend and now youre a millionaire congratulation’s.

Behave and aim for the promotion to wife.

And we mention it prompted a whole heap of responses which were occasionally very funny and always totally on-point, and these 9 surely said it best.











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