Just a fabulous takedown of this guy upset that veterans get a ‘day’ but Pride gets a month

It was Veterans Day in the US this month, a federal holiday on 11 November to honour military veterans of the armed forces.

And we mention it because of this particular guy who appeared upset that veterans only get a ‘day’ while Pride gets a whole month.

Except, as this person very effectively pointed out, this isn’t quite the whole story, and it’s a leading contender for comeback of the week.

‘Much ado about nothing,’ said beerbellybegone who shared it over on Reddit.

And just in case that’s a bit tricky to read, here it is again in close-up.


‘Dollars to donuts says this guy votes for politicians who vote against legislation that actually helps veterans because of “mUh TaXeS aRe ToO HiGh.”

‘Veterans Day is a federal holiday. Pride month is not. Wtf is he on about.’

‘As per usual, making up things to get upset about which have zero basis in reality.’

‘Stole my comment but yes this. All of conservatism now has morphed from giving a single solitary shit about debt to now constant faux outrage over things that are either wildly exaggerated or nonexistent problems.’

Source Reddit beerbellybegone