Victoria Derbyshire’s smackdown of Robert Jenrick’s Rwanda ‘win’ is a fabulous watch

It wasn’t just another bad day at the office for Rishi Sunak, it was one of his worst after the Supreme Court ruled that the Government’s Rwanda asylum plan is unlawful and Rwanda an unsafe country for such a scheme.

It was widely seen as a major blow to Sunak and his Rwanda plan, which has already cost a fortune and delivered … nothing (not that Sunak is giving up on it just yet).

And we mention it again because immigration minister Robert Jenrick was on BBC2’s Newsnight and attempted to portray it as a ‘win’ to Victoria Derbyshire.

And it’s fair to say the presenter wasn’t having it, she really wasn’t having it at all.


And it’s not the first time Derbyshire has magnificently held Jenrick to account.

And here’s just a flavour of what people were saying this time round.

And if you’d like too see a longer clip for more context …


Rishi Sunak’s plan to sidestep the Supreme Court’s judgment with a law declaring Rwanda safe was deservedly panned

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