They didn’t think this through – water fountain edition

Somebody somewhere didn’t have their thinking cap on when they installed whichever of these went in last.

This water fountain
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Absolutely shocking!

u/uncomfortableallover added an update.

For background, I’m an electrician and the circuit was turned off before making the video. I’m not a complete idiot.

Reddit users were as impressed as you’d expect.

Maybe don’t do that.

It’s perfectly safe. There is yellow caution tape.

Engineering solution, there’s a valve underneath that let’s you adjust the pressure. I know that not because I’m an engineer, but because when I was a kid I used to turn that valve all the way up to watch the other kids get water shot up their noses.

If you’ve drunk water from that fountain, you’re immune to Covid-19.

Because you’re dead.

Well at least it doesn’t force you to French kiss the nozzle for a bit of water.

Camera pans over –


dblan9 had a joke – we hope.

Water puts out fire so its fine to spray that on the electrical outlet.

Just in case – NEVER put water on an electrical fire. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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