Brits’ minds are blown at this American’s reaction to UK Starbucks having actual mugs

Forget the political system. Forget all that pavement/sidewalk, lift/elevator stuff. The real divider between the UK and the US is what happens when you go into a Starbucks, apparently. Other coffee franchises are available.

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Desmond‘s amazement at being given an actual cup – as opposed to getting a takeaway-style one – was quite endearing and definitely scored a point for the British way of doing things – but also raised some questions and bemused reactions.

So, in America do they just throw it at you?
Lady C

They throw it at you then demand a 30% tip.

What?! Thought this was everywhere, every cafe in uk does this. x

You’re telling me England is the equivalent of the bare minimum….?

I can’t tell if this is satire.
Bobbie Clark

So America just… don’t do mugs and plates what?

Also, you aren’t kicked out after like 5 seconds. you’re expected to relax, enjoy conversations. you can even do work.
Ender Wolf Cosplay

You’re telling me you don’t even get this bare minimum in US but still have to tip?

Do they put the syrup directly in your mouth in the US?

We use plates and cutlery too! We’re very fancy.

You should see a large sit-in cup at Costa it’s like a soup bowl with mini handles.
Orion Ashton Blake

Don’t get too excited. You can’t take the mug and plate with you!

y3ngor3 added –

We are civilised – well, sometimes.

Let’s hope Desmond never watched PMQs.


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