These trick shot maestros have next-level skills, but their reactions also bring people joy

Daniel and David Hulett started doing trick shots when Covid temporarily put paid to their college careers. They have skills, they have perseverance and they have an unexpected and lucrative career, doing things like this –

@hulett_brothers The Bouncer #trick #trickshot #LFG #letsgo ♬ original sound – Hulett Brothers

The brothers have more than three million followers on TikTok, almost one and a half million on Instagram and just over three million on YouTube, not to mention Facebook, Snapchat and Threads, so when they post something it reaches a massive audience.

With the end of the year fast approaching, they’ve shared their top 25 successful trick shot moments of 2023 (in two parts).

Their delighted reactions are joyous and the tricks themselves often don’t seem possible. Here are the first ten …

@hulett_brothers Top 25 of 2023: 10-1 #trick #trickshot #LFG #letsgo ♬ original sound – Hulett Brothers

And eleven to twenty-five …

@hulett_brothers Top 25 of 2023: 25-11 #trick #trickshot #LFG #letsgo ♬ original sound – Hulett Brothers

We absolutely dread to think how long those actually took, but we wouldn’t mind seeing some of the outtakes – just to see how they look when they’re grumpy.

Here are a few favourite responses.

Hahahahah always cracks me up how excited these two get!!

This home must be full of laughter and fun 24/7. Just great.

Can’t wait to see what you do in 2024!!

I think you both shock yourselves more than anyone.

Incredible! You guys have some patience!!

How do you come up with these ideas?

Chris Baharias obviously didn’t read the heading.

It took me until #12 to realize this was a countdown and not the number of tries to do each one.


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