Andrew Tate denied he cried in prison and Piers Morgan’s A++ response had everyone crying (with laughter)

You might have missed – who are we kidding, you almost certainly missed – Andrew Tate who was back on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show. Again.

The self-styled king of the toxic manosphere had lots to say, no doubt, but fortunately for everyone concerned the only 8 seconds you really need to watch is this.

It’s the rather fabulous moment when Tate denied he had ever got emotional in jail in Romania and certainly never cried. No way!

And Morgan’s response spoke for the entire internet,

I mean, it kinda is…
byu/deprecatedfreak infunny

And here are the funniest things people said in response over on Reddit.

“Did you pee your pants”

“There was piss running down my legs. But I did not pee my pants.”

‘Why is he wearing sunglasses inside?’

‘Cause he’s crying.’

‘He also claims he’s not bald.’

‘Holy shit, that’s what this twat sounds like??


Source Reddit deprecatedfreak