This conservative anti-abortionist was magnificently owned by ‘the greatest lake of all time’ and it’s an all time classic

In the comeback hall of fame this is somewhere close to the very top, a takedown which has just gone viral again on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

It’s conservative activist Tom Fitton, who is president of something called Judicial Watch, sharing his views on abortion on Twitter.

He was responding to @LakeSuperior on Twitter, the account for the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area (as if you didn’t know) which straddles the Canada-US border.

And it’s fair to say it didn’t end well for Fitton …

A bigger splash!

Not for nothing does @LakeSuperior describe itself as ‘the greatest lake of all time. G.L.O.A.T.’

‘I don’t like that lake, acting all superior.’

‘A burn so hot that you’d need an entire lake to cool off.’

‘Ah the faulty premise and conclusion brings me back to my Ethics class on Abortion where a person like Tom stormed out, using a similar mentality, and dropped the class.

‘The professor explained that’s why he covered abortion as the first topic and first lecture after the first day. It effectively weeds out the people not interested in actually debating or having an honest discussion.’

Although there were also some people saying this …

‘I will forever die on the hill that by this definition, any amount of water more than a single molecule is wet, as every molecule then is touching water

‘That being said, fuck Tom.’

Source Reddit abaganoush Image Unsplash Lucas Ludwig