Andrew Tate getting furious at Doctor Who might be the funniest thing that’s happened to the Time Lord, ever

The band of what you might call the ‘usual suspects’ were out in force at the weekend after the new Doctor Who special featured Isaac Newton played by – gasp! – a person of colour.

You can read all about that over here, but that’s not why we’re here.

Because the usual suspect in chief – self-styled king of the toxic manosphere, Andrew Tate – is also furious with Doctor Who.

Not because of the magnificent xx guest starring role as Isaac Newton – not yet, anyway – but because of The Meep. Specifically, Beep The Meep who, asked: ‘Are you a he, she or they?’ replies: ‘My chosen pronoun is the definite article. I am always ‘The Meep’.’

And, well, here’s what Tate and his buddy in the mask made of that.

Except, it turns out that was only the beginning.

And here are our favourite things people said about that.


A certain type of man was furious that Doctor Who depicted Isaac Newton as a person of colour and this response was everything