A certain type of man was furious that Doctor Who depicted Isaac Newton as a person of colour and this response was everything

It was time for the second Doctor Who special at the weekend and very entertaining it was too, David Tennant and Catherine Tate back in the Tardis before Ncuti Gatwa takes over in the next series proper.

But there was something about this latest episode that upset a certain sort of person. It was that Isaac Newton was played by a person of colour, It’s A Sin’s rather fabulous Nathaniel Curtis.

And when we say a certain type of person, we mean these people (you don’t have to have a flag or a string of numbers after your name, but it helps …)

But that’s enough of that. And while there were lots of very funny and totally on-point responses ….

… they surely didn’t come much better than this.

Absolute muppets, the lot of ’em.


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