Colin from Portsmouth is finding the Nativity all a bit too woke

With just three weeks left until Christmas, we’re in full-on school Nativity play season.

All those little darlings are finally getting to don the wings, crowns, tea-towels and donkey masks for real, to tell the story of a complicated poverty-stricken couple seeking shelter on a cold Bethlehem night.

It’s all been a too much for Colin from Portsmouth, the Daily Mail incarnate comedy creation of the brilliant Exploding Heads, Mark Davison and Anthony Richardson. He has found the whole thing intolerably woke.

“Schools need to remember that there’s a time and place to learn compassion for those less fortunate – and it’s not Christmas.”

At the time of writing, there’s been no reaction from Penny Mordaunt about that calendar – probably too busy rooting through her portfolio for an official version – but with almost half a million views since Friday, other people have had plenty to say.









Colin’s going to hate Easter.

You may not be able to buy his Advent calendar, but you can buy Colin from Portsmouth Christmas jumpers and help out the homelessness charity, Crisis – which would probably infuriate Colin.

You can also throw some money into the Exploding Heads’ virtual hat to help them make more comedy gold.

And if you’re looking for another hit of Mark and Anthony’s comedy, there’s now more Sportshorn available wherever you get your podcasts.


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