Loki the mischief-making cat had the purrfect reaction to being caught mid-raid

Loki the cat, star of several social media platforms as The Loki Show, has amassed more than 45 million likes across his various accounts, due to his entertaining antics and, let’s face it, utter cuteness.

Like his Norse god namesake, Loki isn’t above a bit of mischief, and one of his naughty stunts has gone viral after being caught on camera.

Watch his reaction as he realises the game is up.


the moment he realizes he was caught

♬ original sound – The Loki Show

For the non-American crowd, that’s a bag of Funyuns that Loki ‘liberated’ from the cupboard. Onion Rings, to the Brits.

TikTok users were smitten with the kitten.

“OH! Hi! You’re not supposed to be home…”

Him contemplating his next move “do I make a run for it?”

That’s EXACTLY what he was thinking, because usually he does, but i’m babysitting my sister’s dog so he was afraid to run past her with it.
The Loki Show

That first leg took me out.

This cat was a bandit in his past life.
Your Health Bestie

This is so cartoon core.

That catnip got him in munchie mode!

Are those Funyuns? Little buddy was just looking for a little snicky snack.

I hid them after this. He went right back in there and stole a box of mac & cheese.
The Loki Show

I’m amazed by these cats that have actual thought processes. Mine gets her head stuck in my shoes a lot. That’s all.

Joke’s on you. Didn’t know you needed to baby proof your cabinet.

Kitty has learned what we all struggle with. There is no quiet way to open the chips.

The most wholesome theft.

I mean if he can go through all that for a snack then I say give the dude a few of them morsels

slm218 had a request.

I need a video of how he gets in the cabinet.

Loki’s human obliged.

@lokidoestricks Replying to @slmonroe218 ♬ original sound – The Loki Show

If you’re not a follower, but Loki looks familiar, you might have seen him last year when he went viral for falling in love with a potato.

@lokidoestricks HIS FACE AT THE END #cutecatsoftiktok #catinlove #catsbeingweird #ilovecatssomuch #cattok ♬ L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

If TikTok isn’t your thing, you can keep up with Loki’s antics on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Threads.


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